The Most Expensive And Remarkable Woman Photographer In History

She photographs celebrities, but is even more famed than the celebrities in her photography works. First, let’s have a look at a collection of her portraits:

You may not have heard of her name, but you must have seen her works. She records the trends of times with her lens; she earns an annual salary of up to $ 2 million; she was entitled “the only and the most influential photographer still working on photography to this day” by American Photo Magazine–she is Annie Leibovitz.

Her annual salary is up to $ 2 million. The woman photographer hanging out at Vanity Fair and in the fashion circle neither wears makeup nor cares about her own appearance, but has been highly recognized and won a position for her breathtaking portraits.

She is the first American photographer to make a portrait of the Queen of Great Britain. Clinton and Obama, former and incumbent presidents of the United States, both have respect for her. She is the only American photographer to have taken photos of the Queen, as well as the only photographer who asked her to “take off the crown”. Her daily income for the job was up to $ 100,000.

She is the true “Queen” of fashion photography. As a winner of the ICP Infinity Awards, she deserves to be “crowned” in the circle of photography. The photo of John Lennon curling up next to Yoko Ono taken on the day of Lennon’s death is one of her works. In her career of more than 40 years, she has created countless classics.

She has a special talent for getting along with entertainment stars: the nude photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the photo of Demi Moore pregnant and nude. She also acquires a special understanding of sports stars: “heartthrob” Beckham incarnated as prince charming and the “naked” return of the “King of Tour de France” Lance Armstrong in 1999…

For common magazines, it may take about a year to invite Hollywood stars for photo shooting, and it usually fails in the end. However, if they are told that the photographer is Leibovitz, they’ll accept the invitation without hesitation.

15 years of companionship with her same-sex love. The two met at a photo shoot in 1988, when Leibovitz took a cover photo for Sontag’s essay collection, Aids and Its Metaphors. Leibovitz was 39, and Sontag was 55. Thereafter, they moved into the same apartment building in New York. Though not living together, they could see each other in their rooms. Despite of an age gap of more than ten years, the two intrepid women shared a similar life. Gradually, they went beyond friendship and fell in love with each other.

When Susan suffered from cancer in the late 1990s, Annie accompanied her to travel around the world, leaving moving photos of her in the final years.

Until now, Annie still weeps and sobs when talking about Susan during interviews. She said she experienced all the pains mentally and emotionally, and after two years she could finally look back at these photos, and could face it well. There are too many heroes behind the scene in the fashion circle. They are not as glamorous as those on the stage, but they are also the creators of beauty and deserve our admiration.

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