What’s The Best Wedding Bouquet In Spring

Spring is coming, the warmer weather brings a bevy of beautiful spring flowers to carry down the aisle. no matter what bouquet you choose, here is a list of some of our favorite spring wedding bouquet that will make your wedding look very romantic.

These versatile flowers come in all sorts of colors, and while they’re amazingly sweet-smelling, their scent is never overwhelming.beautiful wedding bouquet-Hyacinths

Spring is a perfect time for roses, especially pink ones. Known as the flower of love, they’re always a stunning addition to any wedding bouquet. Beautiful wedding bouquet-roses

An incredibly diverse flower, lilies can range from show-stopping and powerfully fragrant to simple and sweet. Plus, they are that rare flower that can look elegant all by themselves.Beautiful wedding bouquet-Lilies

A whimsical flower, tulips add a pop of color to any occasion. Carry an entire bouquet of them or add one or two to a bouquet for a fun spring vibe.Beautiful wedding bouquet-Tulips

This purple, sweet smelling flower is sure to invoke feelings of sunshine and warm days spent running through the fields. Perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding.Beautiful wedding bouquet-Lilacs

Bold and quirky, daisies are perfect for the playful bride. They’re a great addition to a backyard wedding or to string through your hair before you walk down the aisle. Beautiful wedding bouquet-Daisies

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