15 Horrendous Wedding Dresses That Never Should Have Happened

It’s summer so a lot of people seem to be getting married. Weddings can kind of make people go crazy. And apparently in the midst of that wedding-crazy-fever people make very ill-advised clothing options. Like these.

Nothing about this is good

Maybe the shoes

Is it see through… looks kind of see through…

In fact, are they both actually wearing wetsuits here?

If there had been a wedding in Zoolander…

Or the band Muse designed a wedding dress

Nobody old enough to get married should like Hello Kitty this much

Just saying

They walked through the wrong neighborhood to get to the chapel…

But hey, the show must go on

We can still see you

Wedding dresses just don’t lend themselves to camouflage

What’s with the shower cap?

And that’s not even the worst part

If Baz Luhrmann designed a wedding dress…

But on a budget

Get the feeling this had something to do with Hunger Games

Or Hot Wheels

Not technically a dress at all

Somehow she’s kind of ricking that.

Points for originality

Minus points for practicality

They were very very worried there might be plastic spoon shortage issues

There weren’t enough left over to make a top already

How long til one popped out?

And which table won the sweepstake on it?

Tiara? Really?

The person who did this up: ‘You don’t need to breathe, right?’

Aaaany second…


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