6 Beautiful Wedding Cake Trends

Almost everyone likes cakes. But there are a lot of shapes, sizes and flavours for you to choose. We have put together some of our favourite creative cakes that are sure to give that ‘wow’ factor at any wedding.

Watercolour & Painted Cakes

Watercolour & Painted Cakes

For all of the art lovers out there, watercolour cakes are great. The icing acts as a blank canvas so can be designed to your specifications and will look brilliant if you hire an artistic cake maker to hand paint it. Not to mention that you’d be eating your very own piece of edible art!

Watercolour & Painted Cakes


The Lane

Not everyone likes the traditional tiered wedding cake. For those who want an elegant alternative,. Macaroon Towers are ideal, especially if you are having a Parisian style wedding. Plus they look great in photos!




Forget royal icing, ruffled buttercream and fondant icing is the new trend. Not only is it sophisticated, but it also looks fantastic. The ruffles can be in vertical or horizontal lines, or if you’d like to take it one step further the ruffles can be made into flowers.




Metallic cakes are very popular for art-deco style weddings. They look glamorous and are very versatile, allowing you to adapt the decoration to a style that suits you.




Naked cakes are literally what they say on the tin, cakes that bear all. Naked cakes expose the inside of the cake, which looks fantastic when adorned with berries, flowers and greenery.




Forget vintage detailing and go for a bold modern design with a geometric wedding cake.  Stripes, shapes, mosaics, the unique and usually colourful patterns on geometric cakes are extremely eye catching and are great for Brides who are looking for something slightly different.

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