Expert Bridal Beauty Ideas For Brides Hair & Make-Up

Pinch punch, first of the month! Well, I for one can’t believe it’s November now so welcome to the final throes of autumn but most importantly, welcome to another Sunday feature packed full of advice from the marvellous members of Little Book for Brides. This week, we’ve asked these brilliant and hardworking hair and make-up artists for their advice to help you get wedding ready. From when to book and how to choose the right supplier through to timings on the day and top tips to get your skin and hair in the best possible condition, it’s all here. And, given that the Christmas and New Year party season is lurking on the horizon too, there’s plenty here to help you look your best for festive merriment too. Expert Bridal Beauty Advice For Brides Hair & Make-Up
So, let’s jump right in to this beautiful feature and start right at the beginning – choosing the right hair and make-up artist for your wedding day. There’s no doubting that fact that putting yourself in someone else’s hands (quite literally!) can be a daunting prospect, particularly when you know that you’re going to be the centre of attention all day long. Our experts have some wise words for you:

“Picking the right make-up artist is crucial,” says Tippy Logronio. “Most make-up artists have a signature look so decide on your look first, whether it’s soft, natural, vintage, boho, dramatic or whatever you like. This will help you narrow down your choices to choosing the right make-up artist so, if you like natural make-up, don’t go for a make-up artist that has a portfolio of dramatic looks.”

Expert Bridal Beauty Advice For Brides Hair & Make-Up

“Do your research,” adds Teresa Jolly. “Look at their style, ask what products they use, what experience they have and what testimonials you can view. Then, choose the best fit for you.”

This might not be the time to simply choose the cheapest option either as Becky Flynn explains:

“Look through their portfolios and make sure it fits with your vision. Your make-up will need to photograph beautifully so this is an investment. Ask lots of questions, take your time getting to know your make-up artist and make sure you love what they create.”
All of our experts agree that booking as early as possible is crucial to secure the services of your chosen hair and make-up artist and there are many reasons why working with a professional on your wedding day is a good idea:

“You’ll be filmed and photographed from all angles all day long and, if you look your best, you’ll naturally feel much more confident in front of the camera. A make-up artist will have a wide range of tried-and-tested techniques up their sleeve to ensure that you not only look beautiful in person but, even more importantly, that you photograph well,” explains Catherine Bailey. “HD cameras are not kind and a professional make-up artist is your best ally!”

“The period before the wedding ceremony is often emotionally very intense,” continues Catherine. “Your make-up artist will be there to soothe your nerves on the day so you need to find them a calming influence.”
So, you’ve found the perfect hair and make-up artist, how do you go about narrowing down your ideas and finalising your wedding day look?

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