How To: Hairstyles to Highlight a Backless Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses with plunging backs and exquisite back details, like illusion lace and daring cutouts, are all the rage. If you’re wearing a wedding dress that’s as beautiful in the back as it is the front, have your hair styled to showcase it. (Otherwise your locks will cover the look.) Below are a few of our favorite hairstyles to highlight a saucy backless dress.

The Chignon

A Simple Chignon
This elegant bun is easier to pull together than it looks. View a free tutorial at Divine Caroline.

The French Twist

The French Twist

Master this chic look in a few easy steps from Real Simple magazine. Have shoulder length hair? Yes, the French Twist will work on you with a few extra steps. See the tutorial for short hair at Fashionista.

The Twisted Side Bun

The Twisted Side Bun

We love this asymmetrical bun for a more bohemian look. Get your how-to at The Freckled Fox.

The Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun
Perfected on stages around the world, the Ballerina Bun offers a sleek, high-style look. What better place to learn how to create the perfect Ballerina Bun than from the pros at the San Francisco Ballet? View the tutorial now.

The Braided Bun

The Braided Bun
Easy-to-master and very versatile, the Braided Bun is elegant, yet whimsical. Check out Real Simple magazine’s how-to here.

More things to consider

  • Mastering the backless dress starts with choosing the perfect backless bra. Consider an adhesive bra if you have small- to moderate-sized breasts. We recommend a multiway bra for bigger breasts.
  • Stop back breakouts in their track by cleansing with a loofah or textured brush three times a week. If breakouts are already a problem, use an acne wash on your back. You may also want to consider visiting a back-enhancing spa before your wedding.
  • Add a healthy glow to your back with a gold foundation.
  • Remember to hydrate your back with lotion or oil rich in flax seeds, grapeseed or passion fruit oil.

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