Inspiration Ways To Make Your Wedding More Forgettable Without High Price

Wedding is an important day for couple, they want to make a good memories in that day.However,wedding will cost lots of money.For many people, the cost of a wedding can be burdensome, both financially and emotionally. A lot of stress and anxiety can come from wedding planning and can make couples wish they had spent the money on other things, like a house.

Many couples choose to scale down their wedding while still planning a memorable day, which can also mean scaling down the wedding budget.Here are some wedding ideas for planning a fun wedding while on a small budget.

Compromises, DIY, and Being Flexible with Wedding Planning on a Budget

Now that you and your partner have decided what’s necessary, what’s not, and what you can be flexible in either making or doing yourselves, it’s time to dig in and plan your big day.

Below are ideas for some common, higher cost wedding items and solutions for budget-strapped couples looking to plan a fun wedding on a budget.

Wedding Food
To save money on food for your wedding, consider making it yourself! Request help from relatives who are handy in the kitchen or have experience cooking for large groups, and make the food ahead of time.

Catering your own wedding is an easy way to keep guests full and happy. Buffets are a great way to feed a large number of guests without having to worry about providing table service, which would be an additional cost at an upscale wedding venue that caters for you. Inspiration Ways To Make Your Wedding More Forgettable Without High Price

Not sure you want to provide a large cake at the wedding, but still want sweet treats for your guests? A candy bar is a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth without putting a dent in your budget.

Provide guests with treat-filled bowls and bags to put their goodies in. You’ll save money on providing a gift bag, and they’ll go home happy with their favorite candy!

Wedding Supplies

Are you planning to decorate your wedding yourself? Since all of the prep and planning is just for one day, avoid paying for items you’ll never use again.Inspiration Ways To Make Your Wedding More Forgettable Without High Price

You can easily make your own supplies through guides found online, such as tutorials on websites or from Pinterest, or wedding guidebooks. Get other members of your wedding party involved in the decorating and DIY projects, and you’ll not only save money, but make memories while doing so.

Thank-You Gifts

It’s often customary to provide thank-you gifts for the people in your wedding party, or the people who helped you bring it all together. Gifts can be costly and unexpected if you didn’t plan ahead.
Inspiration Ways To Make Your Wedding More Forgettable Without High Price
To avoid spending hundreds, get creative and make your gifts or find a low-cost way to thank your helpers for making the day fantastic.

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