Top5 Perfect Ideas For Summer Wedding

If you’re looking for summer wedding ideas, a great place for you to start is to sit down with your soon-to-be hubs and think about your favorite summer memories, either when you were a kid or from the summer’s you’ve spent together. Personally, when I think of summer I remember visiting my Grandma in Buffalo and going for soft-serve and picking strawberries in her backyard. Or as I got older spending hours upon hours playing Marco Polo in the pool with friends or playing Cornhole at sleep-away camp.

Here are some ideas of summer wedding, hope you can enjoy your biggest day, I think these ideas must bring many happiness for you.

1.For a more casual summer wedding inside OR outside, a groom can’t go wrong with an Irish linen suit. The one bummer is that the fabric wrinkles really easily, but by the end of the day (or night) it just adds to the look. Romantic summer wedding ideas 02

2.Having guests send off wish lanterns at the end of the night is always a fun idea. Romantic summer wedding ideas 04

3.Keep guests happy with fans that pull double-duty, either as a wedding ceremony program or dinner menu if you’re dining al fresco.Romantic summer wedding ideas
4.This moss-covered birdhouse could make for a cute wedding table number holder or even a wedding card holder.Romantic summer wedding ideas 03
5.Summer weddings are perfect for vintage-style lace wedding dresses.Romantic summer wedding ideas 05

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