Undergarment types which plus size brides shouldn’t try

You are in the process of picking out your dress for the big day, and someone tells you that you need to look for your undergarments too. Most people don’t realize that what you’re wearing underneath is just as important as your dress. In fact, it’s your base layer that pulls your whole outfit together. Think about it: If something is going awry underneath, whether it’s a thick lining, wrong bra for a backless gown, or doesn’t give you enough support, your dress can end up looking like a mess. Here, major don’ts when it comes to picking out the right bra, underwear and shapewear for your big day.Undergarment types which plus size brides shouldn't try

Buying Something That’s Not Supportive
The whole point of undergarments is to give support. So if you go with something that doesn’t give adequate support, there’s no reason to be wearing it at all! Opt for undergarments that are functional but more importantly comfortable. Remember: you will have to wear it throughout your whole ceremony and reception!


Choosing Cotton
Cotton is a very clingy material that isn’t very supportive. It also tends to bunch a lot, which won’t look good underneath a gown made of a lightweight, form-fitting fabric. Opt for pieces that are made of a lightweight nylon or Lycra that will support and give you the give you need to bust a move all night long.

Pieces That Don’t Fit
Plus-size brides tend to go for a smaller size in undergarments because they think that a smaller size will give more support. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Not only will you be in pain, you won’t enjoy yourself and you won’t look your best either. So find pieces that fit you well and don’t be afraid to get fitted to ensure you know your exact size.


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