Today’s couples like to think outside the box, something we think is great! While church weddings will always remain popular among traditional couples, there are plenty of other venues suitable for hosting amazing weddings. Here are some you probably haven’t considered:

1. On a bridge. This unusual wedding venue works best in smaller towns and villages where there are wide, historical bridges approved for weddings. Make sure the structure can support the weight of all of your guests before you confirm that this is the venue for you.

2. Surrounded by wildlife. There are many zoos and wildlife refuges that host weddings. If you’re big animal fans, why not check this out as a possible venue for your big day?

3. In a jazz club. If you’re flexible on the timing of your wedding or can afford to buy a place out, consider a sexy jazz club for your venue. The setting is usually hip enough to avoid spending a lot on décor and you can probably get the venue’s band to play for you for an additional fee.

4. Aboard a pirate ship. There are a surprising number of places around the world that feature historical or whimsical replicas of pirate ships. Some of those ships double as wedding venues, so if you’re both buccaneers at heart, check ‘em out!

5. On a glacier. Head north and exchange your vows on a glacier. There’s no denying this is one of the “coolest” wedding venues in the world.

6. At a waterpark. Another venue that will really cool you off is a waterpark. If you love the water but don’t want a typical beach wedding, consider a local waterpark instead. We’re sure your guests will never forget it.

7. Under a spaceship. Visit a space museum and check out the unique spots where you can host your wedding. Just imagine exchanging your vows under (or in front of) a spaceship. Talk about out of this world!

8. In a cave. A cave would be an original and rather mysterious wedding venue. Just make sure your guests aren’t afraid of enclosed spaces.

9. On an airstrip. Do you both love to travel? What better place to get married than on an airstrip? Have a plane fly overhead with a banner celebrating your union and bring it all together in a hangar reception.

10. Sailing on a steamer. Head to the river and host your wedding on the top deck of a romantic steamboat. Your guests will love the nostalgic feel of such a unique venue.

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