Watercolour & Painted Cakes

6 Beautiful Wedding Cake Trends

Almost everyone likes cakes. But there are a lot of shapes, sizes and flavours for you to choose. We have put together some of our favourite creative cakes that are sure to give that ‘wow’ factor at any wedding. Watercolour & Painted Cakes For all of the art lovers out there, watercolour cakes are great. […]

Three Easy and Trendy Ways to DIY a Wedding Cake

Three Easy and Trendy Ways to DIY a Wedding Cake

It is time for the spring brides to hustle. Even brides with the luxury of having a planner at their disposal are super busy during this time, so just imagine the plight of the DIY-er! I have first-hand experience being a DIY bride, and also being the helper of many. It’s hard work but rewarding, […]

Have Your Special Wedding Cakes

Grandiose wedding cakes will always be a staple at receptions, but more and more we’re seeing brides turn tradition on its head by serving other forms of dessert. Whether you’re an alternative bride looking to inject more personality into your reception, or just a bride with a serious sweet tooth, serving something other than cake […]