Bridal Hair: Do’s and Don’ts

One of the things I miss the most about wedding season behind the chair is doing bridal hair. I can’t even count how many weddings I’ve done hair for. It’s so exciting to be around for the all the wedding day buzz while working on the bridesmaids and brides’ hair. Also, I get to hear all the little stories because there’s something about a hairstylist that just lowers your filter, am I right?
Given my experience doing wedding hair, I have a few tips to share if you are tying the knot anytime soon.
1. Always, always, always do a run through. If your stylist charges for this, pay. It’s so important for you to get a feel of how your hair will look on that day, and equally as important for your stylist to get to work with your hair a bit. On that same note, if you live in the south and are having a bridal portrait taken, don’t rely on that day to be your run through.
Show up to this appointment with the hair your stylists requests you to have. In other words, if your stylist wants you do have day old hair, don’t wash it. I always prefer clean hair (I can dirty it up with products) so I require that my brides have clean hair. Is your hair naturally curly? Ask your stylist if it should be straightened. Do you typically use a smoothing serum or root lifter? Make sure it’s okay to use those products on that day.
2. When choosing a bridal style, make sure you pick something that you feel pretty in. And make sure you look like yourself. I can’t tell you how close I was to adding extensions to my hair for my wedding day. I did this beautiful updo on myself, that I loved, and kept it in for half a day. Only a few hours into wearing it, my head started to ache from the weight of the extensions. So, I opted to stick with my short hair and keep it simple. Justin loves my hair short, so it was a win-win.
Do you prefer your hair down? Wear it down, but do something special. I once had a bride who only wanted me to curl her hair. I should have pushed her a bit and encouraged her to do something a little different. It was too plain and simple for a wedding day.
3. Don’t lie about how it’s coming together while your stylist is working. It’s much easier to tweak a style as she is working, instead of changing things once it’s completed. If a bobby pin is poking your head, or you wish you had a little more volume on top, tell the stylist right away. It’s not rude or annoying to be told to make subtle changes. Stylists would rather know how to fix it than to leave you unhappy right before you walk down the aisle.
4. Add bling. Whether it be a veil or a jeweled comb, take advantage of the opportunity to wear something in your hair! If you have a brooch that is particularly meaningful to you, your stylist may be able to “pin” it in your hair with bobby pins. Etsy is a great resource for finding hair bling as well.
5. Be creative! I’ve had a few brides wear one hairstyle for the ceremony, and switch to something new during the reception. Of course, it’s easiest if your stylist is attending the wedding itself! See if you can have it loosely pinned up for the ceremony, and then take out some pins to let it down a bit for the reception. That’s a fun way to change your look throughout the day!
6. Don’t do any tight braids along the hairline. This doesn’t tend to photograph well, and braids–although currently trendy–can be a little juvenile.
7. If you are getting married in a humid, hot climate, don’t even bother wearing your hair down. Consider the weather! Unless your stylist is a magician, humidity and heat will melt a hairstyle with a quickness. Instead of forcing it and ending up looking hot and messy after the ceremony, sweep your hair off your neck so you don’t need to worry about it at all.

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