Interesting Wedding Games Must Make Your Guests Feel Happy

If your friends and family lean towards the competitive side, adding a few fun activities can be a way to keep the party as entertaining as possible! These fun wedding reception games that will keep you and your guests laughing for hours.

1. The Shoe Game. The shoe game is a popular activity for wedding receptions. Have the bride and groom take one of the other’s shoes, and then ask questions such as “Who wakes up earlier?” or “Who said I love you first?” Have them hold up the shoe that represents the answer to the question. It can get pretty silly, especially when they disagree! fun wedding reception games that keep your guests laughing for a long time 02

2. I Spy. Leave a list on each reception table of things for guests to look out for, like the bride and groom holding hands or the best dancer. Then encourage them to snap a photo and upload it to Instagram with your wedding hashtag!

3. Word search. If you’re looking for something unique to have at your cocktail hour, create a few giant word search boards with chalkboard paint. Answers can be things like your honeymoon destination or the location of your first date. Guests can then search for the words while they mingle.

4. Outdoor games. If you’re having an outdoor cocktail hour or a more laid-back reception, games like cornhole or life-size Jenga are becoming more and more popular at wedding reception games that keep your guests laughing for a long time 03

5. Wedding Guest Bingo. Create a bingo card with options like the bride’s college roommate or the groom’s cousin and have guests fill them out during cocktail hour while mingling. The first person to turn in their completed card can win a small prize. This game is a great way for guests to meet each other while introducing a competitive spirit!

6. The Kissing Game. Guests love to see the bride and groom lock lips, but banging on champagne glasses can get kind of obnoxious. In a fishbowl, put daring options like Do a cartwheel or Kiss your significant other that brave kiss requesters must do before the bride and groom will kiss!

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