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Today’s engagement session is just perfect.  And you know why….because I love me a good ole country porch!! When I first opened this session I feel in love.  It’s just gorgeous! And her photograher, Tina Lation did a fantastic job.


Katie and Beau

Engagement Location: New Iberia, LA



Tell us about your first meeting.

We first met in the summer of 2006. My cousin/best friend was dating his cousin/best friend, so we hung out a lot that summer. Unfortunately our friends didn’t stay together but we stayed friends, very close friends but never romantic. Well long story short, one day (5 long years later) everything changed basically overnight. We decided to take our friendship to the next level. But there was technically never a “first date” because of us being best friends for so long. Not much changed when we actually got together. So that should answer question 2 also.

Tell us about your first kiss.

When that time finally did come I stopped him SEVERAL times before it actually happened because I knew after that point if it didn’t work out I knew we could never be just friends again. But it happened and I’m glad it did and Im never looking back!



Tell us about the proposal

He proposed on Christmas morning and said all he wanted for Christmas was for me to one day be his wife. (How cliche lol) It was short,simple, and sweet. And more importantly, just the 2 of us. I don’t like attention and he took that I to consideration. I don’t know what I would have done had it been in public.



My Dear Beau, I’m not sure where I would be or what I would do without you in my life. You are my best friend, soulmate, and rock all in one. You’re the best dad to our fur babies and I’m sure you’ll be a great dad to real babies one day, I cannot wait to be your wife! Love, Katie
My Dear Katie, you make me a better man. You push me when I need to be pushed and pull me back when I need that. I love that we can be ourselves 100% with each other and never have to hide anything. I can’t imagine life with out you. I love you, Beau




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