Real plus size wedding

From the Photographer: Amy and Josh are SO cute together! He truly truly adores her in every way. Her beautiful curly hair and stunning dimples + his contagious smile and laugh make them absolutely gorgeous to photograph! I got to meet Amy and Josh back in early 2015. We met at Panera and they told me the sweetness of how they met and came to be engaged. But it wasn’t until their wedding day that I got to see just how much they love each other. This day was super awesome and completely unique.

Real plus size wedding Real plus size wedding Real plus size wedding Real plus size wedding

This was more of a budget wedding occurring in Maryville, TN while Amy and Josh lived in Cleveland, TN. They found a church that fit in their budget, but didn’t have great scenery for photos. So they did a little research and found a nearby park in downtown Maryville that would host all of the pictures! It was a 90% chance of rain on their wedding day though so it was going to be risky stepping out into uncovered park area and wondering too far from the car. But Amy and Josh didn’t care… they were all about getting awesome pictures which I absolutely adore in a couple obviously! So as we crept further and further away from the car, we got two or three sprinkles. We looked up into the sky and saw a dark cloud above us, but we weren’t done yet and had a couple other backdrops to photograph before we were finished. I looked at Amy and asked what she wanted to do and she said “I have faith… lets keep going” so we did and it completely stopped. We spent another hour or so photographing the bridal party and then headed back to the car. It wasn’t 30 seconds in the car and the downpour came. It was almost exactly a 10 minute drive back to the ceremony and when we pulled into the parking lot, the sky released it’s last rain drop and it stopped just in time for us to walk into the church.

Minutes later it started again and rained the rest of the day. It was awesome. I love being able to tell that story to my brides who are having outdoor ceremonies and are worried about rain. Take the risk and have faith. It’ll work out and you will get fabulous images! There were also some really cool unique things about this wedding! First the groom’s wedding band was really super cool and was SO different than the traditional wedding band. Then the gift that Josh gave Amy was a bracelet that was his handwriting carved out into metal to say a little sweet string of words that he says to her all the time, “Always Beloved and Gorgeous”. Two things that I’ve never seen at weddings that made it totally unique and awesome! I know that this couple did their wedding on a budget and a lot of DIY things, but they poured their heart into this wedding and I know they would absolutely adore getting featured!

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