Useful Guide For Guests On Wedding Day

Everybody loves weddings. But somebody’s wedding is not just a party with free food. It is an event that celebrates the beginning of “and they lived happily until the end of their days” for the new family.  Read this short wedding tips for guests, it can help you .

The clothing

Every woman who has been invited to a wedding falls in the throes of the crisis, called “I have nothing to wear”. The difficulty actually derives not so much from the lack of clothing, but from the inability to determine what garment is most appropriate.

Your first starting point is the invitation – if there is a stated requirement for the clothing (such as “strictly formal”), life becomes easier.

The second clue you should look for at the place and time of the wedding. If you are invited to an evening wedding at the Hilton, there’s nothing to think over the matter – an evening dress and high heels are mandatory. However, if the wedding party is held outdoors, for example in a garden with grass then a colorful summer dress and espadrilles will be completely appropriate.

Useful Guide For Guests On Wedding Day

The gifts

The gift can be served in 3 ways: to send it in advance, to give it away on the wedding day or send it after the wedding, but within a reasonable period – no more than a month. If you can not go to the wedding, you are not obliged to send a gift, but it would be a nice gesture – still the newlyweds have decided that they have to share with you “the happiest day in their life,” as they have invited you.The etiquette, however, allows spending a little less for a gift in this case than if you would have visited wedding.

How expensive should the gift be is also a question that has traumatized the invitees. The rule is this: whether you attend or not, how much money you spend for the gift depends on your budget and possibilities, from your relationship with the newlyweds and of course – your creativity.

Useful Guide For Guests On Wedding Day

The guests

If on the invitation are listed the names of the invited – i.e. yours, of the spouse and children, everything is clear. If the children are omitted again everything is clear and there is no need to call to ask if you could take them with you.

If you are single and in the invitation is stated that may bring someone with you, it means that you can pick whomever you choose – a person you are dating, friend, etc.Useful Guide For Guests On Wedding Day

If the invitation is addressed only to you, and you are raring to star with your new friend, hold it. According to the wedding etiquette to bring a guest, when only you are invited, is one of the most serious blunders. At the weddings usually everything is planned – not only the food, but also the places and although almost always remain from both, it is still likely to create confusion and inconvenience for the couple.

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