What Are The Popular Trends In Weddings

Every bride wants to have a romantic wedding,but lots of them feel their wedding seems too ordinary. There are many ideas to help you.Here’s the top 3 trends in weddings right now: What Are The Popular Trends In Weddings

Farm to Table. Farm-to-table isn’t just the biggest trend in restaurants right now but it’s also the hottest thing in weddings. Nowadays, brides aren’t just asking for organic greens- they are asking for the exact farm that their greens came from. Caterers are working with local farms to create the best menu and experience for the new-age bride.

Reflective Surfaces. Think: lucite engraved place cards, a mirrored table runner and either mirrored or mercury vases. Reflective surfaces add a big dose of style and glamour to any table. For a luxe for less version, remove the frame from a simple back of door mirror and viola- you have your mirrored runner.

Music Mash-Up. Forget the classic band vs. DJ debate… why not have both? Go for a band in the beginning of the night, for first dances and while dinner is being served, then turn it over to a DJ to keep the party going late into the night. If you have a talented group get your band to do live mash-up’s with the DJ. It’s the perfect mix of something for everyone!

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