Have Your Special Wedding Cakes

Grandiose wedding cakes will always be a staple at receptions, but more and more we’re seeing brides turn tradition on its head by serving other forms of dessert. Whether you’re an alternative bride looking to inject more personality into your reception, or just a bride with a serious sweet tooth, serving something other than cake has never been more on trend. Keep scrolling to check out our take on this funky and fun idea.


Pie Table
A table spread of different pies is great for a rustic, outdoor wedding. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can always make the pies yourself ahead of time, freeze them, and then bake the night before you serve. Alternate flavors, sizes and even the height of the stand you place them on for a great visual effect.


Sprinkled, glazed, chocolate, jelly filled, the list goes on and on! Doughnut towers are quickly becoming the coolest trend in wedding desserts. Go with glazed for mass appeal, or sprinkles in your wedding colors for a more sophisticated take.


Ice Cream Bar

Ice Cream Sundae Bar
A throwback to the days of ice cream socials, a sundae bar is perfect for a summer wedding. Very family friendly, sundae bars allow your guests to get creative with their toppings. If your budget and venue allows, you can even splurge on an ice cream truck for even more fun!


If you don’t want to be too daring in your wedding dessert choice but still prefer to switch it up a bit, cupcakes are a great alternative! These bite sized treats are the perfect modern twist on a traditional cake. You can easily make them yourself, or have your local baker make the cupcakes and frost them yourself!



These tasty French treats are more popular than ever! Available in dozens of flavors and colors, Macarons can add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your celebration. Wrap them up in colorful saran wrap for a delicious party favor.


Cake Pops

Cake Pops
Cake pops are one of the newest crazes to hit the wedding dessert scene. Portable and bite-sized, these mini treats combine fun and functionality in one! Decorate the pops according to your colors, or theme, and arrange in clusters like flowers for a more creative display!

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