Set Your Sexy Beach Waves Hairstyles

How To: Sexy Beach Waves

Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on your glistening sun-kissed skin. You’re on a beach in the boho wedding dress of your dreams with your love, your hand in his. You can smell the salty air in the light breeze that blows gently on the gardenias in your hair and hear small waves lapping on the shore and the sounds of the birds chirping happy overhead. The sand is crunching in between your freshly manicured toes. Your beach wedding inspiration is so close to becoming a reality. Sorry, you have to open your eyes now.

On the upside:
You do have amazingly vision of your dreamy outdoor destination wedding.

On the downside:
You are still here reading this wedding hairstyle tutorial. Sorry, not sorry.

Living on the biggest island in the world, I know a thing or two about sexy beach wave hairstyles. It’s a rite of passage in our country to know how to make magical waves from hair that you never thought had any magic in it at all! Effortless hair is a staple look in Australia – and around the world for that matter. This sexy hairstyle keeps on giving for days with the different ways you can work it and wear it. It’s the perfect wedding hair for a destination beach wedding.

Is there anything sexier on a bride than an effortless looking, relaxed, carefree hair do? This is modern and sexy and can be tweaked to a cute half up/half down or whipped up into a pony if the nights are a little warm.

Your girlfriends surround you with adoring eyes and comments because you are the perfect boho beachy chic bride. Believe me.. They will be lining up for your tips and tricks on how you achieved it! It’s so easy…

1. Start with dry hair. Make a part line with your comb in your dry hair either in the center or on the side of your head.

2. The size of the curling iron you use will depend on the length of your hair. I would suggest to use a 1 or 1 ¼ inch curling iron (the shorter your hair is the smaller the barrel should be to help create the wave)

3. Wrap a small section (smaller section work and hold better than larger sections) of your hair around the barrel-this will create a spiral and twist the hair in the iron as you release. Always remember to point the hot end of the iron to the sky and the handle twists down towards the ground.

4. Spray texturizing Hair Spray all over. Make sure you lift your roots also and spray a little there for volume. Products to try are Kevin Murphy’s Doo Over Finishing Spray, Sebastian Drynamic, Ouai Texturizing hairspray, or Oribe Dry Texturising spray.

5. Break up the curls lightly then add some finishing styling crème onto the palms of your hands like Color Wow One Minute Transformation or Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort and work it through the hair lightly which will finish the look.

For the fine hair maidens who find their waves falling out sooner rather than later-use a straightening iron to curl with the same technique. Always making sure you spiral down and away from the face. Use slightly less of the styling crème as it weighs the hair down. Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort would work best here.

5 Star Tip: When you are in humid conditions, your hair will love to get its frizz on, so you can use extra moisture products like One Minute Transformation from Color Wow than drying products like hairspray with ingredients in them that dehydrate the hair and cause more frizz. This will keep your waves rolling!

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